Are you ready for the new remastered Warcraft 3 from Activision Blizzard?

Hi there! I’m a former Warcraft 3 pro that want e-sport to grow. I will help you improve your game and your mindset.

Im a former professional warcraft 3 player playing in teams like Mousesports, Praetorians, Raptor and in Swedish national team for 2 years. Some of my ladderaccounts back in the days where: WhydidIchoseorc, Iallwaysplayorc, PlayLikeNeverB4, YoGa.FpOnk. I were known for playing a lot of laddergames and was very often one of the topranked players in ladder.
I recently made a comeback playing for fun when I got some freetime. I started of at W3 Arena but now went over to battle.net and my account is KnOfF[SWE].